We restore Corvettes – any condition, any year.

We begin with our unique specility – the restoration of the rolling chassis of the car. Using our custom welding jig and frame repair capability we ensure that your frame-off restoration is firmly achored in a solid, STRAIGHT, frame and suspension. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that anyone can fix a corvette frame – they can’t. The corvette frame jig is what gives us the ability to ensure your frame is straight.

Once the frame is straight we build your rolling chassis – following your specific guidance regarding any options/modifications required.

Once the rolling chasis is completed – and the solid foundation for your car in place – we then restore the rest. 

The engine and engine compartment equipment are all rebuilt, to your specifications.

The Body is restored using a combination of new and old techniques to ensure that your car is correctly bonded together and that the various body panels are aligned correctly. The car is then painted to a high “driver quality” paint standard. Please note – The term “show quality” paint job is never used here – due primarily to the overuse and misunderstanding of what the term means. If you desire a “show quality” paint job we can recommend several shops that specialize in show cars and the paint jobs required. (average cost for a “show quality” paint job is about $25,000)

Utilizing our extensive inventory of used and restored parts, in addition to our large selection of suppliers, we complete the interior to like new, original condition.

We will customize to your requirements. Email or call for more information.