68-71 Center gauge clusters: Original Corvette green faced gauges that have been restored – faces silk-screened and operationally tested. Beautifully done – makes your gauge cluster look like it’s one day old again! The housing holding the gauges is an original unit that has been cleaned and repainted the correct green color. All connections to the gauges are correct. $550 (no core charge – but we will buy your old gauges from you)

Upper and lower control arms: blasted/epoxy primed/painted original arm; new bushings; new ball joints (choice of riveted or bolted); blasted/painted cross shaft; end caps, bolts, lock washers. Ready to bolt on. Upper/lower control arms: $175.00 (riveted)/ $150 (bolted) (we want your core – any condition – no core add $50)

Sidepipe covers: Original GM sidepipe covers! These covers are restored original covers – with rechromed pieces and repaired liners. They are not “flawless” – they are after all 35 years old – but they are outstanding and ready to bolt on today. $2200 a set. ( We will give core credit for a complete set of covers as turn-in – up to $400)

Swing arm assemblies (disc or drum available)New, powdered coated arm; new front sleeve bushings and sleeve; new inner/outer bearings, races and seals; new spindle; new backing plate; new wheel studs; new Stainless steel E-brake hardware; new E-brake shoes. Bearings/spindle set to factory tolerancies. Ready to bolt on. Disc/drum swing arm assemble: $650 (we want your old swing arm assemble – it doesn’t need to be rebuildable, only recognizable. No turn-in add $200)($750 with rotors riveted on)

Rebuilt CarburetorsRebuilt by someone we trust who has been rebuilding carbs since 1949 (not kidding!). Too many carbs to list – but the chances are we have what you’re looking for. Call and ask us for the one you need!.

Hundreds of Rochester 4BBL’s in stock, dozens of Holleys in stock – all corvette

Half shafts with U-jointsBlasted/painted original half shaft; new heavy duty U-joints; new retaining clips; guaranteed true and balanced. Ready to bolt back in. Half shaft: $100 (no core add $30)

Drive Shaft – with U-joints – $100

Steering Gear boxes1963-1982: $175

Rear Differential assemblies – Original reconditioned with new seals, bearings and posi clutch plates. Original rings and pinions used for ratio and year specified. (does not include side yokes or rear end cover) 63-79 (3.08; 3.36): $550.00; 63-79 (3.55, 4.11): $650; 80-82 (all):$750; (no core add $200)

Rear end covers – $150

Stainless Steel brake calipers – $100

Front spindle assembles – Original reconditioned spindles with caliper bracket, dust shield, bearings and seals – $150 (with rotor $200)

64-67 Center Consoles – rechromed originals starting at $600 – ready to install with shift kit and dyed to your color

Stainless trim – 1963-67 Convertible, complete windshield trim, polished – $1000 (includes upper, lower and both side pieces) core credit given for your original pieces.

CHROME!! 68-72/3 Bumpers – 68-72 Front bumpers (original GM, restored and triple chrome plated) $400 with core. 68-73 Rear Bumpers (original GM, restored and triple chrome plated) $275 (per side) with core. 68-72 Bumperettes $175 with core. 70-72 Front grills – ORIGINAL rechromed! – call for pricing on the different ones available (70, 71 and 72 are all different – but you already know that!(photos)