Do you have the time to pull your body off the frame? Outstanding! Now that the body’s hanging in your garage – Do you have the room to take the chassis apart? (and do you have a glassbeader, an arbor press, a frame jig, a MIG welder, etc, etc, etc?)


We have the answer – let us come get your chassis and that same day you’ll roll a completely restored, guaranteed straight rolling chassis under that body.

We specialize in rolling chassis – you pull the body, let us restore your frame and suspension. We pick up and deliver. (US East coast)

Correct frame for year, guaranteed straight and ready for an alignment once the body is back on.

Complete front suspension, including: upper and lower control arms, springs, steering knuckles (with: ball joints, wheel bearings, dust shields, brake calipers (Stainless steel), brake hoses) complete steering system (with tie rods, drag link, idler link, steering box), shocks, sway bar (with links). All suspension components original reconditioned. All bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends, bushings new.

Complete rear suspension, including: trailing arms (bushings, Ebrake, wheel bearings, spindle, dust shields) camber rods, leaf spring, shocks, rear differential, half shafts (U-joints), brake lines, brake hoses.

Blocks, gas lines, gas tank, Brake lines – lines in Stainless steel and steel available, power brake and manual available

  • 63-67 rolling chassis: $9500 (with core turn in)
  • 68-82 rolling chassis: $9000 (with core turn in)